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People all over the world are excited about the potential benefits of stem cell therapy to cure, improve, or stabilize many human diseases and injuries that are presently without truly effective and satisfactory treatments. Many chronic blinding eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, retinal degenerations, retinal tumors, various dystrophies, glaucoma, and others could be appropriate targets for stem cell research and treatments.

stemcells3-avenuesIt is natural, then, that Restoring Sight International should have a keen interest in this subject and feel a powerful impetus to become involved in stem cell research.

Utilizing our expertise, RSI has already begun to establish links with renowned stem cell scientists in the United States, seeking a productive and efficient collaboration to bring positive
research results from laboratories to the actual clinical care of human patients.

RSI will seek financial support for adult stem cell technology as it begins a grant-writing phase of development. The source of the stem cells will include dental pulp stem cells, umbilical cord blood stem cells, and stem cells obtained from bone marrow and peripheral blood.

State of the art facilities for banking of stem cells are already in place in various parts of the world. Much work needs to be done in basic science to learn how best to “coax” these multi-
potential cells into developing into the desired tissue/organ-specific cells that would be most likely to build and repair malfunctioning organs.

The eye is ideal for the study of stem cells because the results of the damaging disease can be easily observed and objectively measured and the reparative processes can also be seen and

Adult stem cells have already been successful in treating organs other than the eye. While no one can predict when stem cell treatments may be available for treating eye conditions, it could be within a relatively few years. It is reasonable to predict that many persons living now will benefit from using technology of this kind. It brings good hope to all of us.

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